Furious Flying creatures diversions have a long and convoluted history. The first was a gigantic hit, however every progressive endeavor felt less intriguing. The few times Rovio has spread out have been... not amazing. Angry Birds Transformers apk , be that as it may, is suddenly exciting.

In this title, the winged creatures and pigs have been changed into Autobots and Decepticons, individually. In each one level your picked Transformer goes through the level while you tap on items out of sight for him or her to impact. The objective is to take out all the pigs by thumping over the towers, much the same as in customary Furious Winged creatures, yet you've just got a restricted time to peck away at the backings with lasers as you run (or move) past. The changing perspective becomes possibly the most important factor when you have to accelerate to abstain from being crushed by something.

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This is an allowed to-play amusement, so obviously there are a lot of in-application buys to manage. They begin at $4.99 and go the distance up to $99.90. What do you get? Additional gems to skip overhaul times. I can't say beyond any doubt how essential that is going to be as you advancement in the amusement, yet assuredly not appalling. I'm not saying you ought to most likely play Angry Birds Transformers apk nodid simply that you ought not keep away from it at all costs. That is to say, take a gander at this perfect 80s-style Transformers activity toward the start of the game.description

Irate Fowls and Transformers impact in this activity pressed, 3d shoot 'em up experience! The Eggspark has changed the eggs into crazed robots who are crushing Piggy Island, however who can stop them?! Autobirds, Take off!

Have you ever seen an outsider robot Irate Fowl? Enter the AUTOBIRDS! This bold band of legends peculiarities Red as Optimus Prime, Hurl as Honey bee and… well you'll meet the rest soon. They've got lasers and they transform into autos. Also they have arms and legs – that is a first!

Anyhow the bold Autobirds can't spare Piggy Island all alone – to stop the Eggbots they'll have to unite with their most outstanding opponents the DECEPTIHOGS (like Decepticons just smellier). Could these biting adversaries collaborate and set aside their disparities? Better believe it right…

*note: Angry Birds Transformers is totally allowed to play, yet there are discretionary in-application buys accessible.


– Gather! Open a program of legends (and lowlifess) with novel assaults and capacities!

– Demolish! Leave the slingshot at home – this time you have a few Genuine firepower!

– VEHICLES! Goodness, yes! Auto, truck, tank or plane – change to avoid falling perils!

– Updates! Get stronger weapons and new capacities for each Transformer!

– Label Group! Acquire a companion's character to unleash an obliterating two-bot ambush!

– Telepods™! Check 'em to open, resuscitate or support your bots!


A system association is needed for some amusement characteristics.

When you play shockingly, there is an one-off download of

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